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Magic Show

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25 November 2023



Overtime Cafe, Sentul Point

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Event Description

Have you ever witnessed a magic show before? ✨✨Well, get ready because the one you're about to see is considered one of the best in the world of PK touch, as recognized by the Vice President of the Magic Ring and members of FISM Asia & FISM.

Have you ever witnessed a magic show before? ✨✨Our magicians are back for the fourth time, and this time, the magicians performing, known as Bob Nazrul & Laksman, are bringing their magic skills 'Sleight-of-Hand' to the stage. It's going to be a night of tricks and illusions that will blow your mind! Join us on November 25th, this Saturday, at Overtime Cafe.

The magician : Bob Nazrul

Bob nazrul is a renowned Sleight-of-Hand, known for his incredible skills with a deck of playing cards and also gambler stuff. Bob has appeared on TV station programs such as TV3 and Awesome TV, with his style the man badass with a deck of cards will be impressed yourself! Also with unique mentalism and mind reading in card magic and non card magic.

The magician : Laksman

Laksman is a magician from Kuala Lumpur. He got into magic 10 years ago and has been performing professionally for 8 years now. He has performed for local celebs, politicians, and on the streets of London. He specializes in close-up sleight of hand based magic and has experience performing on stage as well



Website : Open Table

Instagram : @opentable.official

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